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Infrastructure doctors need to deliver care

Ease is a no-code healthcare platform that makes it easy to start, grow, and manage a private practice.

Introducing Ease Stacks
Private Practices in a Box
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A stack contains all the preset components necessary to create a private practice.
Customize it to your needs
Install apps or extensions to extend the functionality of your stack.
Launch your practice with Ease
Get your stack live in weeks, not months, with just one click.
Start with a website theme
Professionally designed themes are included with each stack
With Ease drag-and-drop website builder, you can create fast, conversion-focused practice websites.
Private practice apps and extensions
Ready-to-integrate Practice App
There is no need to build custom features or products, just go to the App Store to find everything you need.
Everything doctors need to start, grow, and manage high-quality private practices faster.
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Private Practice
Private Practice
Private Practice
Powerful Practice Back Office
Business-powering embedded services
Incorporation and Compliance
The easiest way to incorporate your healthcare business and keep it compliant at both the state and federal levels.
Business Banking and Payments
All your business payments, banking, and cash flow managed in one place.
Bookkeeping and Payroll
Providing complete bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and tax services
All-in-one infrastructure
Scaling up your business is easy with Ease
Choose a Stack
Add all your favorite Apps to your dashboard to give your business a customized experience.
Manage your care delivery model using database apps such as Mongo DB, SQL, and AWS.
Provides tools for visualizing patient treatment plans, engagement, forecasting risk, and claims data.
All your startup's payments, invoices, claims, banking, payroll, and contracts in one place.
Embed eligibility verifications, claims data, and intake forms for your location-based online scheduling.
Extend your patient reach with video calls, asynchronous chats, and remote patient monitoring.
Care Teams
Access Apps based on team permissions and roles while leveraging multi-player clinician collaboration.
Track all your marketing initiatives in real time, including email, newsletters, SEO, and notifications.
Clinical Workflow
Customize and automate clinical care operations, assessment forms, treatment plans, and more.
Expanding the reach of healthcare
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Customer Success
Our customer support team is led by clinicians with direct experience running private practices.
Ask and answer questions in our community built for healthcare entrepreneurs.
Ease Academy
Online courses designed to help anyone learn how to build without code, whether it's an app or a business.
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Industry Updates
Examine the latest data and billing regulations as well as interoperability standards for building tech stacks.
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