Ease Mission

A story that starts with you.

We founded Ease with one goal in mind: helping doctors and clinicians build practices from the ground-up, enabling them to provide care locally, directly, and on their terms.

Ease's Core Values

The 5 E’s of Ease

Embrace Humility

Embracing humility allows us to not feel ashamed when we fail because we know that failure is our opportunity to learn.

Exceed Accountability

Willingness to always accept responsibility, as an individual, as a team member, in the interest of our customers.

Exceptional Standards

Maintaining high standards with how we present and treat ourselves, each other, and our customers.

Empathetic Communicator

When we communicate empathically, we are able to extend relationships through both the good and the bad.

Exercise Growth Mindset

The ultimate goal is to stay learning, since learning creates growth and growth provides us with the opportunity to accomplish our mission.

Dr. Mario Amaro, MD

Founder & CEO

Meet our CEO

Dr. Amaro is a United States Navy Veteran, Physician, and Native Houstonian. He’s passionate about direct healthcare access and the economic value it brings to local communities.

“I’m on a mission to make entrepreneurship possible for millions of doctors and clinicians, because research shows it's better for our communities when care is delivered locally.”


Why is Ease's mascot a Corgi?

While studying the logos and branding for some of the major digital health players, Dr. Amaro was uninspired by their generic and boring nature. He believed that companies were missing opportunities to create more inviting and playful branding for patients and clinicians since healthcare is not always fun and exciting experience.

A Corgi is a fun-loving loyal companion that everyone seems to enjoy. Even though having a Corgi as a mascot is a bit unconventional for a digital health startup, it always seems to be a great conversation starter with clinician entrepreneurs looking to start their own private practices.

The name Ease comes from our official business name MedEase Technology Incorporated and Ease started off as a digital mascot flying through the meta-verse. But as of December 2021, "digital" Ease has transitioned to physical Ease. Make sure you say hello if you ever find us at a digital health conference.

Ease is Backed by

It’s our happy customers who help us grow

Ease's refer a friend program lets practice owners send customized referral links to their friends. Whenever an annual subscription plan is purchased through the referral link, we send the practice owner a $250 visa card and credit their friends' accounts with $250.

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