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Doctors and clinicians can rent a practice before buying it with Ease Market.

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Work wherever you want, and provide care on your terms.


Online one-click scheduling for new and existing patient appointments.


All-in-one HIPAA-compliant telehealth meeting room.

EHR notes

Modern EMR for virtual care that's fast, seamless, and secure.

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Flexible plans for practices of all sizes

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Ease Market

Best for doctors and clinicians who aren’t ready to leave their job.
Free access to Ease Market profile.
Free access to lite versions of Ease Cal, Notes, Video, and Pay.
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Ease Stacks

Best for doctors and clinicians who are ready for full ownership.
Pricing starts at
Requires a back-office subscription.
Each Stack has it's own pricing based on the features and apps.
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Ease Enterprise

Best for doctors and clinicians who are looking to franchise.
Pricing starts at
Allows you to customize Stacks with APIs
Provides access to all of Ease's native app components.
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Add a Doctor or Clinician


An additional $150 per month is charged for each doctor or clinician added to a group plan. There is no additional fees for non-clinical team members.





An additional $12 per month is charged for each active team members enrolled into Ease payroll for all solo and group plans.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ease Market really free?

There is no subscription fee when using Ease Market. However, there is a 10% transaction fee for all virtual care consultations processed through Ease Pay. Which is the default payment processor for Ease Market.

What are lite versions of Ease Apps?

The lite versions of Ease Apps provide Ease Market members with the functionality they need to operate virtual care. Members can unlock each of Ease's apps' full features only with Stacks.

The prices of Stacks are different. Why is that?

Each Stack is pre-built for a different practice model, and some include apps that are subject to additional fees. A group practice, for example, needs to access Ease teams, which is a paid app.

Solo vs. group practices: what are the differences?

Solo practice Stacks are for practices that have no additional staff beyond the individual doctor or clinician owner. Group practice Stacks are for practices that have additional clinical or support staff.

What if I just want to use Payroll or Bookkeeping?

Back-Office Stacks are available for Ease Payroll and Ease Bookkeeping either separately or bundled.

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