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Website & Marketing

Build a practice website with a free custom domain.


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EHR notes

Modern EMR for virtual care that's fast, seamless, and secure.

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Solo Practice

For doctors and clinicians who want to start a fractional or full-time solo practice.
Access to Ease Market profile.
Access to Ease’s EHR infrastructure
Access to Ease’s free AI bookkeeping
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Group Practice

For doctors and clinicians who want to start a single location group practice.
Pricing starts at
Access to Ease Teams
Access to Roles and Permissions
Access to Ease’s GPT AppStore
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Ease Enterprise

For doctors and clinicians who want to start a multi-location practice or startup.
Pricing starts at
Access to Ease’s enterprise APIs
Access to Ease Market template
Access to Ease native app components
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Add a Doctor or Clinician


An additional $150 per month is charged for each doctor or clinician added to a group plan. There is no additional fees for non-clinical team members.





An additional $12 per month is charged for each active team members enrolled into Ease payroll for all solo and group plans.



Premium Bookkeeping


An additional $299/mo for solo practices, $499/mo for group practices, $699/mo for enterprise practices, to access your personal bookkeeper monthly.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ease it only $100/mo to start a practice?

Yes, $100 is the monthly subscription price for solo practices. However, there are additional fees for incorporations and compliance that are part of the startup process for all practice types.

What’s included as part of the monthly subscription?

Each subscription receives access to Ease’s marketplace and care delivery infrastructure that includes a custom AI website builder, a logo maker, free custom domain, scheduling, form builder, telemedicine, portal, claims, and more.

What’s Ease’s AI bookkeeper and is it really free?

Ease’s AI bookkeeping services is a free built-in accounting software for private practices. Using an AI copilot, practice owners can categorize expenses and reconcile financial records monthly.

Solo vs. group practices: what are the differences?

Solo practices are for practices that have no additional staff beyond the individual doctor or clinician owner. Group practices are for practices that have additional clinical or support staff. Group practices receive access to Ease Teams.

What if I just want to use Payroll or Bookkeeping?

Back-Office services are available for Ease Payroll and Ease Premium Bookkeeping either separately. However, Ease’s free AI bookkeeping services are only included for practices that maintain an active monthly subscription.

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