A powerful back-office solution, built for private practices.

Manage business incorporations, bookkeeping, payroll, tax information and more—all in one place.

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Incorporations built for healthcare

Ease eliminates complex paperwork and expensive fees for healthcare professionals who need to incorporate their practices as legal entities


Register as an Sole Proprietor, LLC, & more

Incorporate your practice anywhere in the U.S.

S Corp State & Federal tax election

Fully compliant practice entity structures

Our in-house legal experts will handle all of the complex legal paperwork, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.


Creation of Practice Operating Agreement

Formal Tax ID (EIN) filing

Overall Bylaws and IP protection

Plans start at only $299/mo

*does not include state filing fees

Includes First year of Registered Agent Fees

Includes Ease's 100% Compliance Guarantee


Access real human bookkepers

With our powerful back office software combined with expert bookkeeping services, you'll save more than 10 hours a month managing your practices finances.

Meet your practice’s financial co-pilot

Find autonomy with less risk and keep your day job.

Solid Foundation

Build confidence in your new practice by setting up a monthly financial review cadence.

Healthy Finances

Plan and budget for expenses by understanding how money moves through your practice.

Growing Practice

Have a clear understanding of when and how to scale your practice.

Professional practice incorporations

Our hassle-free entity formation process frees you up to focus on growing your practice.

Run your practice with a clear picture of your finances

Automate registered agent services

File for an S-Corp to lower taxes

Built for private practices

Monthly bookkeeping consultations

You didn't start a private practice to spend hours tracking your cash flow or reconciling expenses.

Run your practice with a clear picture of your finances

Maintain accurate books on a monthly basis

Eliminate common accounting errors or mistakes

Monthly meetings with your dedicated bookkeeper

Payroll, HR, and Benefit services

Confidently manage new hire benefits, tax withholdings and HR compliance for yourself and anyone on your team.

Automate payroll sync and off-cycle payroll runs

Pay yourself, employees, and contractors in minutes

Stay compliant with local and federal payroll taxes

Issue, file and manage employee W-2s, 1099s, and more

Banking for your practice

Get access to FDIC-insured business checking services directly in your practice workspace.

No account fees, overdraft fees, or minimums

Remote check deposits, ACH and wire transfers

FDIC-insured up to $250,000

Increase cash flow by getting paid faster

You can automate all of your practices financial transactions from recurring payments, to accounts payable, to invoicing, all from one place.

Split payments, payment plan, sliding scale

One-time point of sale & multi payment links

Track patients payment status in real-time

Automate invoices & send reminders

Already committed to a competitor?

We'll buy out the remainder of your contract!


Sign up for an back-office subscription

Subscribe to the Ease back-office subscription plan and pay for it annually.


Send us a copy of your invoice

Email us a copy of an annual subscription invoice paid in full for one of our competitors back-office products.


We'll credit your account up to 6 months

As soon as your invoice is verified and approved, we will send you a credit for up to 6 months for your current active plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to incorporate my practice?

A practice's incorporation process varies based on whether the state allows electronic or manual filing. The average time for e-filing is 2-4 weeks and 3-6 months for manual filing.

What if I have already incorporated my practice? Can I receive a discount?

Subscriptions include incorporation costs. The membership fee covers one incorporation per member for the lifetime of the membership. Generally, incorporations are either initial or additional, such as LLC or S-Corp tax election.

Do I need to use any other accounting software with Ease?

Ease integrates with all popular accounting software platforms, but by Spring 2024, there will be no need to maintain any additional accounting software other than Ease Back-Office.

Is Ease Payroll full-service?

There is an automated self-service option with Ease Payroll, but a full-service option is also available to group practices for an additional fee.

For my business checking, do I have access to physical or virtual cards?

With Ease Cash, our business checking service, you'll receive physical and virtual Ease Cash VISA cards.

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