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Reclaim your autonomy by building and running your own practice with Ease's AI-powered virtual assistant.

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Built for:

Gig Work

Solo Practice

Group Practice

Rent a practice

Find autonomy while keeping your day job.

Own a practice

Become your own boss and run your own practice.

Franchise a practice

Set up a multi-location practice or franchise.


A virtual on-ramp to practice ownership

Create a Market profile

Access scheduling, EHR, video calls, messaging - all for no monthly fee.

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Customize it with AI

Make your own schedule, add payment methods,  services, and reviews.

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Publish your Market profile and start seeing patients in as little as 24 hours.

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Own it with ease stacks

Private Practice in a box with Stacks

Build your dream practice with AI and explore practice model ideas tailored to your patient focus or clinical specialty at the Stacks Store.

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Build your private practice empire

With Ease's APIs and our AI assistant, you can create and customize your franchise business faster and more efficiently.

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The fastest way to build a private practice is with Ease.

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Powerful Practice Financial Management

AI-powered back office services

Incorporation and Compliance

With our in-house legal services, you can integrate your practice or side-gig with full compliance.

Business Banking and Payments

Your practice finances, including banking, payments, and claims, are all managed in one place.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Ease's AI assistant will help you keep track of your monthly bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll needs.

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All-in-one infrastructure + back office

Scaling up your practice is easy with Ease

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Add all your favorite Apps to your dashboard to give your practice a customized experience.


Manage your value based care models using database apps such as Mongo DB, SQL, and AWS.


Provides tools for visualizing patient treatment plans, engagement, forecasting risk, and claims data.


All your practices payments, invoices, claims, banking, payroll, and contracts in one place.


Embed eligibility verifications, claims data, and intake forms for your location-based online scheduling.


Extend your patient reach with video calls, asynchronous chats, and remote patient monitoring.

Care Teams

Access Apps based on team permissions and roles while leveraging multi-player clinician collaboration.


Track all your marketing initiatives in real time, including email, newsletters, SEO, and notifications.

AI Assistant

Access to an AI-powered assistant for managing front and back offices in your practice.

Musculoskeletal Health

LGBTQIA+ Primary Care

Home-based care

Care for Teens

Therapy Marketplace

Caregiver  Financial Health

Primary Care for Moms

Expanding the reach of healthcare

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Ease Support

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Customer Success

Our customer support team is led by clinicians with direct experience running private practices.


Ease Academy

Online courses designed to help doctors and clinicians build private practices.



Ask and answer questions in our community built for private practice entrepreneurs.


Customer Success

Our customer support team is led by clinicians with direct experience running private practices.

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