APIs to build your practice franchise.

Start your own practice franchise with an API-first platform dedicated to private practices.

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Infrastructure for scaling practices

Create high-quality patient experiences for your practice franchise.


Use our codebase or bring your own

Take control of your practice franchise database by using a headless infrastructure.


Drag and drop components

The same components can be used across applications, regardless of the frontend and backend they use.


Click publish to go live

When you're ready to launch your practice franchise, simply click publish and go live.

multiple workspaces

All your practices in one dashboard

All of your practice franchise locations can be managed securely through one admin authentication dashboard.

ROles and permissions

Grow your team with Ease

With Ease's modular roles and permissions components, you can manage all your team members' access to all your apps and extensions.

Build with the best apps

Build automated app workflows customized for your franchise.

Integrate directly into your own platform

You can easily integrate any app into your platform using Ease app modular components.

Connect 3rd party apps seamlessly

Using Ease apps with your favorite 3rd party digital health apps, you can customize and automate your workflows.

Flexible APIs to power your growth

Rather than starting from scratch, Ease's APIs will help you build and expand your franchise faster.

Start practicing on your own terms with Ease

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