Forget what you know about gig work.

Using Ease Market, doctors and clinicians can work 1099 as they progress towards owning their own practice.

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With your Ease Market profile, you can set your own schedule, work wherever you want, and provide care on your own terms.


Customize your Market profile

Use our full suite of tools to manage in-person and virtual appointments, document patient notes securely, with built-in payment services.


Launch your Market profile

When you're ready, just click publish and start seeing patients immediately, no need to wait weeks or months to get started.

book more appointments

Scheduling made for virtual care gig work

A single click is all that is needed to schedule an appointment with a new patient online.

write faster notes

Keep all your notes in one place

You can complete your notes fast, seamlessly, and securely with a modern EMR note builder.

full suite of virtual care tools

Everything you need, totally free

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