Ease Launch is the easiest way to incorporate your private practice entity.

Incorporate Anywhere in the U.S.
Registered Agent Services
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Starts at $500

Reserve business name

You can easily search for and reserve a business name for your practice by going to Ease’s business name search engine.

Create operating agreement

Establish an operating agreement that outlines the practice model and ownership of your practice.

In-house legal team

Our in-house legal experts manage all of the complex formation paperwork, giving you ultimate peace of mind.


Worry free compliance for all practice entities

Ease Launch offers incorporation services to private practices of all sizes. Create a sole proprietorship, LLC, PLLC, S-Corp, MSO, or any other type of business entity for your practice.

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This app is great for private practice incorporations

Quick setup

An AI-assistant guides you through a quick setup guide

Core requirements

Provides all of the core requirements for managing incorporation for your practice

100% compliant

Our 100% compliance guarantee ensures hassle-free entity formation process

Build with confidence — the Stack Store promise

Centralized Dashboard

Use one dashboard to manage all aspects of your practice's front and back offices in a safe and secure environment.

Growing App Store

With an app store designed specifically for digital health, you can discover new products to keep your practice up-to-date.

Real-Time Analytics

Access real-time analytics to improve your marketing efforts by gaining insights into how patients are discovering your practice.

Embedded Payments

Use modern payment tools that connect your practice's payments, invoices, and claims, making it easy for patients to pay for your services.

Core Infrastructure

Each Stack provides all the core infrastructure you’ll need to deliver care safely and effectively to your patients.

Back-Office Services

With embedded back-office services like banking, bookkeeping, and payroll, you can stay on top of your practice's finances.

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Ease Launch is the easiest way to incorporate your private practice entity.
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Monthly bookkeeping services for private practices.
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Ease teams makes it easy for group practices to communicate and collaborate.
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